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Brookfield applications software is available to automate data collection and, in some cases, automate control of our line of digital viscometers/rheometers.
  • capalc

    Capcalc software turns a Brookfield CAP2000+ Viscometer into an accurate rheometer for advanced sample analysis.

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  • Brookfield: PG Flash
    PG Flash

    PG Flash allows you to create repeatable custom tests on your PC and then uploaded to any DV2T Viscometer or DV3T Rheometer.

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  • texturePro
    Texture Pro

    Texture Pro software gives R&D professionals more control over test execution, by providing an intuitive way to set up tests, using a step-like structure.

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  • Powder Flow Pro

    Collect comprehensive flow data quickly and easily with the use of the supplied Powder Flow Pro software. Powder Flow Pro operates and controls the Powder Flow Tester and is included with purchase of the instrument.

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  • Rheo3000

    The RST Rheometer can be programmed using Rheo3000 to control shear stress or shear rate.

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  • RheocalcT

    RheocalcT software can analyze data, generate multiple plot overlays, print tabular data, run math models and perform other time-saving routines.

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  • Rheovision

    Powerful Rheovision Software is supplied with the PVS Rheometer for full automation and control of all test parameters and comprehensive data collection/analysis.


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  • Texturepro
    TexturePro CT

    Collect data from a Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyzer and perform detailed data analysis including real time graphic plotting with TexturePro CT.

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  • Wingather SQ

    Wingather SQ is the perfect software for gathering data, plotting and storing permanent test records when used with the DV1 Viscometer.

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