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Spindles Cones Cups Chambers

  • CAP spindle 215x180
    CAP Spindles

    A CAP spindle range chart lists the range values for all CAP spindles.

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  • CP cone spindle 215x180
    Cone Plate Wells Brookfield Spindles Cups

    A Wells Brookfield Cone Plate spindle range chart lists the range values for all cone spindles.

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  • Extension link main

    Brookfield extension links are used for changing the depth of spindle immersion.

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  • T-bar spindle 215x180
    Helipath T-bar Spindles

    T-bar spindles are used with the Helipath Stand to create a helical path through non-flowing materials  such as creams, pastes, putty and gelatin. 

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  • KU paddle spindle 215x180
    KU-3 Spindles

    The KU-3 Viscometer can be used with two different spindles. The "standard" Krebs spindle is ideal for most paint and coatings operation, while the optional Paste spindle is designed for high viscosity materials such as roller mill pastes.

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  • RST all spindles 215x180
    RST Spindles

    The choice of coaxial cylinder, cone and vane spindles accommodates viscosity measurement of a wide variety of materials.

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  • SSA spindle 215x180
    Small Sample Adapter Spindles_Chambers

    Many spindles and sample chambers are available for use with the Small Sample Adapter.

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  • Spiral Spindle SA-70 215x180
    Spiral Adapter Spindle

    The power of the Spiral spindle comes from the screw-like design and its ability to drive through heavy, paste-like materials.

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  • Vane Spindle Set 215x180
    Vane Spindles

    Vane spindles are used with Brookfield standard Viscometers and Rheometers to measure paste-like materials and other fluids where suspended solids migrate away from the measurement surface of standard spindles.

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  • Thermoset with spindle 215x180
    Thermosel Spindles and Chambers

    Brookfield offers a variety of spindles and chambers — including disposable for hard to clean materials — for use with the Thermosel System.

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  • DIN spindle 215x180
    DIN Adapter Spindles

    DIN spindles are used with the Brookfield DIN Adapter for limited sample volume.

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  • Enhanced UL Adapter Spindles

    UL spindles and chambers are used with the Brookfield UL Adapter to provide extremely accurate viscosity measurements on low viscosity materials.

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  • LV Spindle set 215x180
    LV Spindles

    Brookfield LV spindle range chart shows the values for all LV spindles.

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  • PVS spindle and chamber 215x180
    PVS Spindle Bobs_Chambers

    PVS cups and chambers (bobs) are made of Hastelloy C construction to ensure continuous operation in severe environments.

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  • RV Spindle Set 180x215
    RV_HA_HB Spindles

    All standard RV, HA or HB torque Brookfield Viscometers/Rheometers are supplied with a standard spindle set (RV-2 through RV-7) constructed of #302 stainless steel. Additional spindle options are available in #316 stainless steel or Teflon coating for increased corrosion resistance. An optional spindle rack makes a convenient storage "bench" and allows easy and quick access to all spindles.

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  • spindle rack filled 215x180
    Spindle Rack

    Messy lab? Spindles lost? Keep your area well organized with this handy spindle rack for standard LV/RV/HA/HB spindles. Spindles securely hang for convenient and tidy storage but also allow for quick and easy access.

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