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  • Enhanced UL Adapter

    The Enhanced UL Adapter is a coaxial geometry system, which measures viscosity at defined shear rate and utilizes small sample size (16mL) for low viscosity fluids down to 1cP.

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  • Helipath Stand

    The Model D Helipath Stand allows for measurement of non-flowing viscosity using t-bar spindles on a standard Brookfield Viscometer or Rheometer.

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  • DIN Adapter

    The Brookfield DIN Adapter is used to measure materials with limited sample volume and complies with DIN53019.

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  • Label Writer

    The Dymo label writer is conveniently used with Brookfield DV2T and DV3T models to record written, permanent data.

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  • Small Sample Adapter

    The Small Sample Adapter is a coaxial cylinder geometry accessory that allows for measurement of limited samples of < 18mL with any standard Brookfield Viscometer or Rheometer.

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  • Spiral Adapter

    The Brookfield Spiral Adapter is used to measure the viscosity of heavy, paste-like materials such as solder paste, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and other non-flowing materials.

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