Viscosity Training Day

Rheology courses for both Brookfield Viscometer uses and the general public are offered in the United Kingdom every May.
Would you like some all-round training on Viscometry using the touch screen viscometers?

Are there particular applications that may be of interest to you?

Is it method development that you are after?

AMETEK Brookfield is holding a viscosity training day in the UK on 22nd June 2017. This special event has been organized as an opportunity for customers to meet and discuss their applications with our technical staff as well as testing requirements and data analysis. It is designed to help all users get the most out of their Brookfield equipment by providing information and techniques that are easily understood and simple to use.

This event will cost £345 per person excluding VAT (discount available for group visits). We encourage you to bring samples for practical evaluation and testing. Our fully trained advisors will be able to offer solutions to your problems and demonstrate test procedures. We simply ask that you register with us and make the necessary payments before the event and give us some basic information to assist when you visit. Please complete the attached form. For further information, please contact Dr Claire Freeman on 01279 451774 or email: Please note all purchase orders should be addressed to AMETEK GB Ltd followed by our postal address.

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