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Packaging Instructions

Packaging Instructions to Return a Brookfield Viscometer for Repair or Calibration

• Remove and return all spindles (properly packed for shipping).


• Clean excess testing material off the instrument.

• Include MSDS sheets for all hazardous materials tested with this instrument.

• If you have shipping cap, please use it to support the pointer shaft. If you don't, then use a rubber band to support the pointer shaft.

• Pack the instrument in its original case. If the case is not available, take care to wrap the instrument with enough material to support it. Avoid using foam peanuts or shredded paper.

DO NOT return the laboratory stand unless there is a problem with the upright rod, clamp or base. If there is a problem with the stand, remove the upright rod from the base and individually wrap each item to avoid contact with the instrument. Do not put lab stand in viscometer carrying case.


DV-III/DV-III+: You must send the base and all cables when there is an electrical problem. It should be packaged carefully in a separate box from the Rheometer head.

• Fill out the Service Order Form (page 1) with as much information as possible to help expedite your service.

• Package the instrument and related items in a strong box for shipping.

• Mark the outside of the box with handling instructions.

• Example: “Handle with Care” or “Fragile” or “Delicate Instrument” or “Rush” if appropriate.

• Once the instrument is ready for transport please contact the UK Brookfield service department by writing to or call +44 (0) 1279451774 to request a waybill. This will be emailed to you.

• Print and attach the waybill onto the returning package(s).

• Contact our courier FED-EX on 0345 6000068 to arrange uplift and provide the tracking information when asked.

• When FED-EX arrives, ensure the driver gives you the Senders Copy Receipt.