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Onsite Services

Many Brookfield repair and calibration services can be done on-site at your facility.

Do you have multiple instruments or just can’t afford the disruption of sending your instruments back for service? We can send our service technicians to you!

AMETEK Brookfield offers On-site Service to save you the time and trouble of packing your instruments and shipping them to us for repair and calibration. Our trained technicians will come to your facility to perform minor repairs, calibration service, and ball bearing retrofits, as well as provide you with a report detailing what services were performed on each instrument. With advanced notice, you may receive a calibration certificate and a copy of the NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology). This is becoming an increasingly important requirement for ISO 9000 regulations.

Benefits of Onsite Service

  • Minimal disruption in your production
  • Reduced “Down Time”
  • No shipping costs or risk of damage in shipment
  • Expert on-site advice in preventative maintenance
  • Personal face-to-face service
  • Our on-site technicians can usually service all of your instruments in one or two days, depending on the number. Being an on-site customer has other advantages, too. You will have personal contact with a technician that not only knows our instruments but also knows your facility, your personnel, your needs. And you can call them anytime with questions or problems!

If you would like more information, you may contact the Brookfield on-site group at +44 (0) 1279-451774 or email:


Calibration and Repair