IQOQPQ Documents

Brookfield offers free IQOQPQ validation documents and many more are available to purchase as a service.

We offer three approaches for achieving IQ, OQ, PQ validation compliance for our pharmaceutical customers.


  1. Free, abbreviated documents can be downloaded for Dial, DV-E or our digital series Viscometers as well as TC series baths. These documents provide an outline of how to set up, check the operation of, and perform a calibration check on your viscometer.
  2. Purchase a more detailed, explanatory document describing exactly how to perform the procedures outlined in the free document.
  3. The most comprehensive approach to validation/qualification is to request an on-site visit by a Brookfield Representative to conduct the validation visit and complete the form for you.


We recommend that you first download and review the free document from our Website. Then, if necessary, purchase the appropriate document from our Customer Service Department. After reviewing this document, if you still feel that you would like a Brookfield Representative to visit your site for this service, please let us know, and we will schedule a visit.

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