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RST Soft Solids Tester Rheometer

This instrument is no longer being manufactured, effective 14 March, 2022. Please refer to the AMETEK Brookfield RSX Rheometer.
RS-SST Rheometer image 583 x 201

The RST-SST is a high end, touch screen rheometer that uses vane spindle geometry in both controlled stress and controlled rate modes to characterize creep behavior as well as yield stress and viscosity profiles.


  • Controlled stress/rate operation to analyze comprehensive flow behavior
  • Capable of measurements in BU units for viscous material such as joint compound
  • Easy test methods for materials with particulate, slurries and stiff pastes with data for viscoelastic characteristics such as yield stress, shear modulus and creep
  • Quantifies properties like wobbliness, sloppiness, consistency and texture
  • Spindle barcode for auto spindle recognition
  • Quick and easy automatic or manual gap setting
  • User-friendly LCD touch screen with graphical display
  • 11 memory slots for structured multi-step test programs
  • Auto spindle identity recognition
  • Quick connect coupling for easy spindle attachment
  • Can also be used with coaxial cylinders for flow curve analysis
  • Optional Rheo 3000 Software for PC control and data management
  • 21 CFR compliance for controlled user access and data security
  • Overview +

    What's Included
    Instrument with base plate for sample and adjustable height control
    Power supply
    Screen protector with cleaning cloth
  • Related Accessories +

    Related Accessories
    Choice of Spindle Geometries (at least one is required):  Vane or Coaxial Cylinder Bob (Spindle) and Chamber
    Rheo3000 Software
    Viscosity Standards
    Cone and Plate Accessory
    Thermosel System
    PT-E Immersion Temperature Sensor
    RSS-90Y Spindle for BU measurements (joint compound or similar)
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