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Jerome® J505

Hand-held Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy Mercury Vapor Analyzer

The Jerome® J505 Mercury Vapor Analyzer is a portable fluorescence spectroscopy analyzer, which allows the detection cell to be simpler, smaller, lighter weight and more durable than competing spectroscopy instruments.


The highly efficient optical cell requires less flow to purge the system, allowing the J505 to run at a lower flow rate minimizing sample dilution as found in competing spectroscopy instruments.

  • Lightweight:
    Weighs only 6.5 pounds, less than half that of some atomic absorption mercury detectors.
  • No downtime:
    Because the J505 uses atomic fluorescence to detect mercury, no regenerations or downtime are needed.
  • Sensitive:
    Meets and exceeds EPA standards for industrial and residential remediation actions.
  • Few Intereferences:
    With 18 hours of battery life per charge, the J505 is always ready when you need it.
  • Proven:
    The Jerome J505 is in active use by the EPA, Los Angeles County, the City of New York and many others.

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  • Specifications +

    Detection Range: 0.05 µg/m3to 500 µg/m3
    Resolution: Standard Mode: 0.01 µg/m3(10 ng/m3)
    Quick Mode: 0.1 µg/m3(100 ng/m3)
    Search Mode: 0.1 µg/m3(100 ng/m3)
    Accuracy: ±15% at 0.3 µg/m3
    ±10% at 1 µg/m3
    ±10% at 25 µg/m3
    ±10% at 100 µg/m3
    Response Time: Standard Mode: 28 seconds
    Quick Mode: 16 seconds
    Search Mode: 8 seconds, then updates in 1 second intervals
    Flow Rate: 1 L/min
    Result Units: ng/m3, µg/m3, mg/m3
    Autosample Intervals: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 120 minutes
    Integrated Data Storage: 10,000 test results; retains date, time and up to 100 locations
    Display: 3.5″ (9 cm) color LCD
    Battery: Rechargeable NiMH
    10+ hour life, charges in 3 hours
    Power Requirements: 12 VDC for the instrument;
    100-240 VAC, 1A, 50-60 Hz for the AC power supply
    Fuse: Auto-resetting fuse
    Operating Environment: 5°C to 45°C, non-condensing, non-explosive
    Output: USB A
    Dimensions: 12″ L x 6.2″ W x 8.4″ H
    (30.5 cm L x 15.7 cm W x 21.3 cm H)
    Weight: 6.5 lbs. (3.0 kg)
    Warranty: 1 year, factory parts and labor
    Certifications: UL 61010, CE

  • Features +

    Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy: The advanced technology of the Jerome® J505 eliminates nearly all interferences, ensuring you get accurate and repeatable results in the field or in the lab.

    Portable: The J505 packs the advanced capabilities of a sophisticated benchtop analyzer into a compact, portable and powerful device. The detection cell is also smaller, lighter and more durable than atomic absorption units.

    Lower Flow Rate: The highly efficient optical cell requires less flow to purge the system, allowing the J505 to run at a lower flow rate and minimizing sample dilution as found in other spectroscopy instruments.

    Regulatory Compliance: The J505 can detect mercury at levels as low as 0.05 µg/m3, which meets and exceeds EPA and ATSDR standards for industrial and residential remediation actions as well as OSHA, NIOSH, ACGIH and MSHA action levels.

    ZERO Regenerations: Because the J505 uses atomic fluorescence spectroscopy to detect mercury, no regenerations or regeneration-related downtime are needed.

    Search Mode: While in search mode, users are able to continuously draw in samples of air in order to locate the source of mercury contamination, allowing targeted corrective action to be taken quickly.

    Durable: The J505 is housed in a light, ergonomically designed, durable metal casing that sets a new precedent for hand-held, low-level mercury analyzers.

    Data Logging: The integrated data logging system can store data for up to 10,000 test results – including date, time and up to 100 test sites.

    Intuitive Interface: The J505 features a color display with an intuitive menu system that makes operation easier than ever before and comes with a USB interface for easy data transfer.

  • Documents & Downloads +

  • Accessories Parts Consumables +

    Part Number Description
    345-0241 Intake Fritware
    990-0223 10:1 Dilution Module
    990-0244 AC Adapter Power Supply
    990-0247 Soft-Sided Carrying Case
    1400 2002 Probe
    6000 4003 Line Cord, 115 VAC
    Y505-0901 Accessory Kit
    Y990-0234 Mercury Spill Kit
    Y990-0234 Hard-Sided Carrying Case
    Z2600 3905 Zero Air Filter