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Software Upgrades

PowderPro Flow Software
PowderPro Flow 1.3.23 (for 64-bit computers)
PowderPro Flow 1.3.23 (for 32-bit computers)

Rheo3000 Software
(please visit for complete instructions)
Rheo3000 2.1.109 (January 2017) (This will work with Rheo3000 v2 versions only)
Rheo3000 1.2.2025 (October 2014)

RheocalcT Software
RheocalcT 1.2.19 (for 64-bit computers)
RheocalcT 1.2.19 (for 32-bit computers)

Rheovision Software
Rheovision 3.0.24 (for 64-bit computers)
Rheovision 3.0.24 (for 32-bit computers)

TexturePro CT Software
TexturePro CT 1.9.35 (for 64-bit computers)
TexturePro CT 1.9.35 (for 32-bit computers)

Wingather SQ Software
Wingather SQ 4.0.7 (for 64-bit computers)
Wingather SQ 4.0.7 (for 32-bit computers)