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Powder Analysis Seminar

Are you facing flow problems with your powders?

Can the AMETEK Brookfield Powder Flow Tester (PFT) provide a solution to your problems?

Whether it’s in the selection of raw materials, flow agents or new formulations, or just poor flowing powders, come and learn how the PFT can resolve these issues. 

AMETEK Brookfield UK is pleased to announce that we host webinars and trainings events on all aspects of powder flow using our Powder Flow Tester throughout the year. These events have been organized to help you get the most out of your AMETEK Brookfield equipment by providing you with information and techniques that you can easily understand and use. It is also an opportunity for our customers who may not have previously considered or used a Powder Flow Tester to learn more on how this form of measurement can enhance their QC and R&D requirements.

We encourage you to bring or send samples for practical evaluation and testing. Our fully trained advisors will be able to offer solutions to your problems and demonstrate test procedures. We simply ask that you register with us before the event and sending through your purchase order.
For further information, please contact Barry Ridley, Training Manager at: